Understanding the Phases of a Dragon Hunt


Many an aspiring Dragon Slayer is defeated long before they come face to face with the Dragon.  One of the more common reasons for this is getting mired down in a single phase of the hunt.  While some phases are more prone to this than others, an understanding of the different stages and their relationship to each other is a good start to pulling your feet out of the muck and making progress.

There are four distinct phases to a Dragon Hunt.  Now, you may cycle through the phases multiple times during a single Hunt, but they remain the same, and the sequence doesn’t change.

First, you have to choose a dragon.  Now we discussed the importance of choosing a single dragon. What we didn’t talk about was where this falls in the process.  This is rather an obvious first step, as how do you know what you need to pack, and which direction to travel if you don’t know what you’re hunting.

Second, planning and packing. This is where you decide on the route you’re going to walk, and what you’re going to take with you on the Hunt.  You have to beware of the seduction of the perfect plan, and if you’re not careful, this is where you can get bogged down with details.  Trying to plan for every possibility and have a contingency for every event is impossible, and at some point you have to put the maps away, pick up your pack, and start walking down the road. Which leads us to

The third phase, the Hunt itself.  Here is where the magic happens.  Where problems are encountered and overcome, and where the final showdown between man and Dragon occurs.  If all goes well, you skewer the beast and have a nice new dragon trophy for your wall.  If not, you can pick up your dented armour and battered shield and examine where you went wrong so that next time you don’t make the same mistakes.

Finally, you get to admire the dings and dents in you armour, and figure out how you got them and how to avoid them in future.  The Dragon head gets put on a plaque and hung prominently somewhere you can admire it. But, that’s not all you do here. Here we celebrate, even if all that was taken was a single step, you celebrate the fact that it’s further than you managed before, and you vow that next time, you’ll take two steps.

There you go, the four phases, now just take some instruction from you shampoo bottle, “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” and before long you’ll have a whole wall full of trophies and your name will be inscribed in the hall of heroes.

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