The Importance of Choosing a Dragon

You’ve started Dragon hunting.  You know that you’re going to have to hunt many Dragons to be able to join the ranks of the Legendary Dragon Slayers, and this scares the crap out of you.  You see, the problem with hunting multiple dragons is that you let them all know of your intent.  And once they become aware of you, they like to gang up and beat you down so hard that you don’t even think of challenging them again, let alone ride out against them. Now you have two options.

One: you stare at the molten puddle that used to be your hopes and dreams, having come to a full understanding of why they call it a blaze of dragons. And with tears streaming down your face, you resign yourself to a life of average and vow never to anger the dragon again.

Two: You grieve for the loss of innocence and naivety that caused you to think you could start with multiple dragons, and celebrate the loss of the pride that led you to believe it would be easy.  Scooping the puddle of broken dreams up, you carry it safely away, secure in the knowledge that with time you will be able to forge them into something beautiful.

Choosing option two and summoning up your determination, you stand up, deal with your grief, and try a new tactic. Maybe if you only hunt one Dragon, the rest will leave you alone.  And much to your surprise, this works.  Hunting a single Dragon allows you to focus.  Decisions become clearer, choices simpler, and you start getting traction.  

Before long, you’ve brought down one, then two, then the whole blaze of the damn things. And all because of a choice you made early on. A choice to pick yourself up and keep going.  To single out one of the great beasts, and leave the rest until you’re ready and can fight them on your terms.

Go on, choose one, and maintain relentless pursuit until his head is mounted on a nice plaque.  Soon, there’ll be no stopping you, and you’ll run out of space on your wall.

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