The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


You’ve got a better understanding of the nature of decisions (if not you can learn about the hydra of choice and then come back) you can learn about the types of decisions you could make.  Essentially, there are only three types of decisions, Good, Bad and Ugly.

Now, good and bad decisions are really two sides of the same coin.  Both decisions are ultimately positive, even if one moves you towards the dragon, and one gets you further away.  The point is, you made a choice, you lopped off a head and, you’ve now seen what happens.  If you moved further away, at least you know which head to slice next time.  You’ve eliminated a set of possibilities and will have more clarity going forward. And, if you got closer, good for you, just keep going.

The only other choice you can make is not to make a decision.  This is the ugly side of the Hydra.  If he manages to transfix you with his hypnotizing stare, you’re doomed.  This choice gets hidden under layers of justification.  You’ll tell yourself you don’t have enough information, or, the timings not right, or why must things change, or any of a hundred other little sayings that all mean the same thing.

You’re a lily livered yellow bellied coward.

It takes guts to make a decision. To attack the Hydra where he stands and hope to defeat him.  To embrace movement, regardless of the direction.  To chance being wrong, and then to embrace it if you are.

But, you’re a Dragon Slayer.  You’ve got guts. You want glory, you just want to know how.  How do you get better at defeating the Hydra.  

Well, that’s easy.  You just have to practice.  Practice with the little decisions, so when the time comes to make the big ones, your arm is strong and your blade is keen. 

The next time you’re faced with life’s little choices, like, where to eat lunch, or what movie to watch, don’t go along for the ride.  Strike first, strike hard, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get what you want!

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