Sometimes You Just Need a Quick Win

It happens to everyone.  You make a plan to defeat the Dragon and then you don’t follow through.  It starts with something little that you don’t do for a great reason.  And soon, soon you stop doing big things for bad reasons.

That way lies madness, depression, and ultimately, defeat.

How do you get back on track? How can you hunt Dragons, when lizards are tripping you up?

The solution is the quick win.

You have to find something small and easy that moves you a step closer to the dragon.

Something you can do before the fear and the doubt paralyses you.

A quick win that starts to build momentum and allows you to start going after the big game again.

The trick is to make sure the win is significant.

So what are you waiting for?

Go scare the shit out of the Dragon. And tomorrow, do it again, and again the next day.  Before long the wins stop being little, and Dragons, well you have to go looking for them again, as they start hiding.

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