Sailing The Social Media Sea

You’ve taken the plunge into social media. Now you’re awash in a sea of information and you’re floundering. You need a compass, a North Star, something to show you how to use Social Media instead of letting it use you. A way to navigate the treacherous waters with grace and confidence.

Sailing the Social Media Sea is that compass.

In it are a series of worksheets that will help you figure out what you want to get out of Social Media, which Social Media Platforms you’ll use and how you’re going to use them.

By the time you’ve finished you’ll no longer be lost at sea.  You’ll have a clear path that you can travel with confidence.

Peace of mind is yours for 17 pieces of eight.

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Not convinced?

Here’s Birdy – One of the embarkees on the ship.

Finally, a clear, empowering, guilt-free way to navigate the frequently tricky waters of Social Media. Smooth sailling can be yours when you figure out your unique map through these waters, and Gareth helps you draw it clearly & quickly with this resource.

For the first time, I now know where I’m going to be concentrating my time, why I’m doing the things I’m doing, and how to revise my plan as needed.

I also know what I don’t need to be doing, and that not-doing IS OKAY!!! (That alone is worth the price of passage, in my opinion.)

This resource has released me from the paralysing Guilts & Shoulds and has set me free to sail with fair winds & following seas, not to mention considerable forward progress.

And here be recipes! How can you go wrong with recipes?! 😀

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If you’d like, you can download a demo of Sailing the Social Media Sea. This will give you a taste of the course and you can then make a more informed decision. Download the demo by clicking here.