Momentum and the Little Dragon

Momentum is a great thing. It’s what makes it effortless to keep going once you’re moving in a specific direction. Unfortunately, it’s also what makes it really difficult to change direction. It’s kind of like a train, really good at keeping on set tracks, really bad at making new ones. And if momentum is a train, the Little Dragon is the driver.The Little Dragon is that voice inside you, the one that says “you don’t want to do this” or “why change, the path you’re on is safe” or “people won’t like it” and in extreme cases “people won’t like you!” This little bastard is ever present and constantly battling to prevent your progress in the dragon hunt.

Fortunately, you can harness his powers for good. Much like boiling a frog, if you sneak the change up on the Little Dragon, he won’t see it coming and soon, the voice will be saying different things. Things like “why did we wait so long to do this” or “this is awesome” or “this track is safer than the old one”.  

The trick to sneaking change up on the Little Dragon is to take really small next steps. Steps so small that they don’t feel like steps at all, almost like shuffling. Don’t try to manhandle the train onto new tracks using discipline and willpower. This work great for a short period of intensely focused effort, because you can get the train to its destination before the Little Dragon knows what’s happening, but long term, and becoming a Dragon slayer of Legend is a long term thing, you need to get the little bugger on your side.

Instead of trying to write your epic novel in 1 session, commit to writing 10 words a day, then 100, then 200 and before you know it the voice will be going “why haven’t you written anything today”, “That blank page isn’t going to fill itself” and you’ll start knocking out thousands of words a day.

So, what are you going to do today to convince the Little Dragon to change the track?

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