Hope and the unexpected delight

I watch a lot of bad movies.  Well, strictly speaking that’s not true.  I watch a lot of what most “normal” people would consider bad movies.  If there’s a chance of a gunfight, explosion or bloodspatter I’ll watch it.  if there are capes flapping in the wind, I’ve probably already seen it.

Unfortunately, this means I do watch a lot of things that should not have been committed to cellulose.  (Aeon Flux and Elektra spring to mind).  But in general, they’re watchable.  They’re not great movies, and will never be oscar winners, but they’re fun eye candy, and you don’t have to think.

I noticed today, however, that this is not the reason I persist in watching new dodgy movies.  Hope drives me to pick up the new releases and turn them over.  Hope drives me to place them in the DVD player and look for the telltale signs of promise (the lightning striking the tree is always a good start).  Hope that the film will get better has get me to a lot of endings.  The problem with hope is that if you are continually disappointed, pretty soon hope goes away.  And what you’re left with is resentment.

I have not yet reached that point.  The reason I continue to hope is that every so often I come across an unexpected delight.  Zombieland was one such film, as was Evolution.  But more recently, It was the Losers.   A formulaic film about betrayal and revenge, but still awesome.  One of those movies that reminds you why you persist.  Why you continue to push play.  Why you continue to hope.

The site has recently been about me.  The trials I’m experiencing, the things I want, lessons I’ve learned. Me, me, me.

So, how can I make it more about you?  What do you hope for when you open the browser?  Where can I help you find an unexpected delight?

Tell me in the comments, I’d love to know.

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