Encounters with the Dragon – Episode VIII – Be Vewwy Quiet, We’re Hunting Dwagons

Last week there was a little burnout.  It made me wonder why the Dragon worries about fighting us when we all carry a little Dragon around with us for when the Dragon of Mediocrity isn’t around.  We like to pull it out, play with it a little, and then cast doubt on everything we’re doing.

There were a couple of things last week that were worth mentioning.  First, I found that merely showing up and putting words down was no longer acceptable.  I had to start editing.  Giving things a little more punch.  This resulted in deleting far more words last week than I published.  In fact, for every word that made it to a final version, there were at least 2 that didn’t.  This felt like a lot of wasted effort.  Why couldn’t I just write what I wanted to say and leave it at that?  But, I can’t so pondering the why isn’t going to do anything but cause frustration.  This means posts are going to take me longer to write, and, I should leave them for a day or so before editing.  So, I suddenly have to become a lot more organised.  No more writing at the last minute. (well, that’s the plan anyway).

I also wrote 2 pieces last week.  One which I loved, and one which I debated posting and eventually went with it because I knew it was a necessary post even though I didn’t feel good about it.  Guess which one got ignored and which one had a huge impact.  Now, sometimes I’m a little slow, and lessons require a couple of blows to the head to sink in, so, it’s taken me a little while to realise this.  The direction I thought I wanted to take, and the direction I should be taking are not quite the same.  They head off on similar tracks but then diverge.  While they may meet up again in the future, I’ve come to realise that if they don’t, it doesn’t matter.  It’s time to follow the path that has become clear.

The new path is already showing promise.  I’ve agreed to become a regular guest poster over at An Encouraging Bird.  I’m going to be posting a “blend of gentle practicality, positive problem-solving, and engaging storytelling” (such a lovely phrase courtesy of Birdy).  I was surprised, honoured and completely thrilled with the request, and I look forward to many posts there.

The second exciting thing on the new path is the Dragon Hunting Task Force, because hunting the dragon is easier in a group.  This will comprise of at least 2 group calls, 2 extremely targeted worksheets, and a one-on-one follow up session every month.  (There will be more, but I’m not entirely sure what, so I can’t announce it) The numbers will be limited and I’m going to be launching it on the 8th of November.  To get a feel for what does and doesn’t work, and to figure out how many people the task force should comprise of, I’m going to be running a beta test from the 6th of  September to the 18th of October.  I haven’t yet decided how many people to include in the beta, but once I have, I’ll be offering the slots up to the people on the Dragon Slayer Training Program first (you can sign up below).

So sign up now, and when we slay the Dragon, there’ll be more than enough trophies to go around.


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