Encounters with the Dragon – Episode VI – It’s all about the numbers

Like most bloggers, I’m obsessed about the numbers.  I do try yo moderate this obsession by only allowing myself to check the long list of numbers once a week.  I thought I’d share them with you, given that this is my 50th post.

Let’s start with actual posting stats.  I started the site by writing A call to arms as a response to procedures overriding common sense.  This was the 28th March so 139 days ago. (when you write it like that it feels like a long time)  Since then I have written 50 posts (including this one) at an average of 500 words a post. 25 000 words total.

I have also done 3 Guest posts over at The home of Awesome for the delightful Catherine and 1 at the destination for musings for the ever encouraging Birdy.  I’m planning on doing more of these as they’re fun, and they give me a chance to explore some topics that I don’t feel fit here.

Together with the posts, I’ve put together 1 product, Sailing the Social Media Sea.

But I’m sure you all want to know the hard numbers.  Subscribers, twitter followers, that sort of thing,

So, here’s my list.

  • Number of visitors – 303
  • Number of visits – 679
  • Alexa Ranking – 1 085 202
  • Feedburner subscribers – 14
  • Mailing list – 6
  • Twitter Followers – 122
  • Sales – 1

Now, obviously, the important part is to ask a question.

What Next?

Honestly, I have no idea.  At least, not for long term.  I do have some ideas of what’s going to be happening short term.

Obviously, the weekday posting schedule is something I feel I can maintain and I’ll maintain my commitment to that, I’m going to get a few more guestposting slots, and I’m going to release at least one more product before I hit 100 posts. (or maybe I’ll launch it on my 100th post, would be fitting, but we’ll have to see)  I do need to decide what to do for the next one though.  The current options are “Tips for confusing the Hydra” “Taming Your Procrastination Beast” “The Armorers guidebook – how to forge a wearable armour of confidence” “Training your steed” “Protecting yourself with the shield of talent”  (If you have any preferences, please let me know in the comments)  Ultimately I’m going to put all of them together as part of the Dragon Slayers Training Manual, but I think that selling them as modules to begin may be more useful. (or at least less daunting for me)

There are also a couple of other things in the pipeline that will be revealed in due course.

But, right now, the thing I’m most excited about, are the plans for celebrating August 17th.  A cartoonival of wisdom with some great insights and much humour.

So, keep your eyes peeled for that one tomorrow, and here’s to another 50 posts.

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  1. Caroline Mukisa
    August 16, 2010 | 11:42 am

    Congratulations on your 50th post! Many of us are loyal followers but prefer to leave the verbal strategizing to our leader!

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