Doubt! Why you want it!

Questions are always tricky.  The right question at the right time, can send you down the path to greatness.  The same question at a different time, can leave you curled up in a fetal position, sobbing yourself to sleep.  And the wrong question can lead you so far off course, you’ll never find your way back.

Unfortunately, a Dragon Slayer spends a lot of time questioning their actions, mostly at the urging of the Little Dragon  This is a natural part of the process. So, to avoid sobbing, it’s crucial that you learn to recognise which questions you’re asking yourself.

The wrong questions are fairly easy to spot. These are the ones you think are important as a teenager.  Things like what will people think? Will this make everyone like me?  Basically anything to do with outward appearances and the way other people perceive you is the wrong question.

The Little Dragon loves these questions. If he manages to sidetrack you here, he wins.  And every time he does, it becomes easier for him to keep you off track. Until, before long, all you care about is what other people think, and, well, our TV’s are littered with shows about those people. (Whom I refuse to name on this site because the mere act of mentioning their names may call the evil spirits home).

The right questions tend to be more introspective. “Am I doing the right thing?” Tends to surface quite often, along with “is this the person I want to become?” You’ll have your own playlist of these. These are the questions that indicate that you’re on track and will soon be at the lair of the Dragon. These are great questions when you’ve conquered a new challenge.  They help you line up the next challenge, and realign your path if you’ve gotten a little off course.

The Little Dragon also loves these questions, but he uses them at a different time.  When you’ve fallen off the treacherous cliff and are lying in a crumpled heap, you’ll hear him.  When the bridge you were going to use has washed away and the babbling brook has become a raging torrent, he’ll be whispering in your ear. When it feels like the whole world is against you, he’s there, twisting the knife.

You have to guard against these times.  These are the times when the answers sound like excuses. You need to figure out a way to change the excuses into solutions.  Add an extra line, change some words.  In this way, “no-one would blame me for stopping now” gets “but I’d blame myself for giving up, so let’s try plan D, or E or F!”  “There’s no way to continue” becomes, “there’s always a way to continue” 

And remember, the only difference between an excuse and a justification is the number of letters you need to spell them.

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