Change is in the air

As you may have noticed, last week there was not a daily post.  Now I could claim I got into battle with the Dragon, but that would be a lie.  Rather, this is a result of preparation for future Dragon hunts.

This change has been building for a while.  but it was catalysed during one of the Awesome Chat Sessions when we were defining success.  I realised that I was chasing 2 successes with this site and I was getting them confused.  Fight Mediocrity comprises of two parts.  There is the site, which is a free resource to help people overcome the things that are getting in the way of their particular brand of greatness.  And there is the business of the site which is going to allow me to leave my day job.

These are two distinctly different goals, and by trying to lump them together I was not making the best choices I could for either of them.  By splitting them, it allows me to make better decisions.  It allows me to evaluate opportunities based on the correct criteria instead of trying to apply all my goals to everything.

This new decision matrix then got two more grenades thrown at it.  The first is the fantastic resource Catherine is putting together over at Be Awesome Online, The Awesome Website Extravaganza.  Catherine really knows what she’s doing and more importantly, how to explain it to you, so the lightbulb doesn’t just go on, but explodes from the shear amount of inspiration that flows through it.

The second grenade was Lavonne Ellis (of The Complete Flake) and David Crandall (from Heroic Destiny)’s customer love challenge.  This is a 28 day challenge with daily tasks.  You don’t have to complete it in 28 days. (It started a week ago, and I’m still on day 1, so you can start now, and you’ll likely still overtake me)  The first thing was to decide where you wanted to be at the end of the challenge.  I’m struggling with this one, which is why I haven’t moved on.  I have to make a decision, commit to it, and work towards it.

As a result of all of this, I found that posting daily was doing nothing more than posting daily.  I could maintain the daily posting frequency, but could do little else.  I wasn’t able to look at growing the business side, and I couldn’t help people any better.

I’ve decided to cut back on the posting.  Instead of 5 days a week, I’m going to cut back to 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).  I’m also dropping the weekly “Encounters with the Dragon”  they’ll still be around, but only when I have something important to say, as opposed to now, where they’re kind of a round up of stuff.  The lessons learned from Dodgy Movies will also stay around but with less frequency.

Here’s what’s going to be new.  I’m going to try and do some more visual stuff.  After I put together the task evaluation flowsheet (with ducks), I realised I enjoyed doing it, so expect more of them.  There will also be worksheets and real action suggestions, so expect to have a more active role in hunting the Dragon, rather than just reading about it.

I’m really excited about this new direction, it feels right. I hope you’re excited too!

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  1. Schedule5
    September 6, 2010 | 7:44 pm

    Dang! I was enjoying your daily posting but your new direction sounds right. I guess I’m not really your target audience for the business of your site – despite the fact that the procrastination beast and I are far, far better acquainted than can be good for anyone :).

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