Call to Arms

Today I realised that enough is enough. For too long have I sat back and let things happen. For too long have I said lots and done nothing. I have finally reached the line in the sand. The point where it is time to say “THIS FAR AND NO FURTHER” The time to start pushing back is now.

The line is drawn.

I refuse to settle. I can accept that I am not in the right job, but I am not prepared to sit back and remain there, merely because it pays the bills. The Yuppie Nuremberg defense is no longer an excuse. This has to change.
I refuse to remain silent about what I know in my heart to be wrong. I will be vocal in my support of things that are good and write. I will show my support with what I choose to say YES to and what I choose to Decline. I will no longer hide behind the excuse – “What can 1 person do?”
I refuse to stand by and watch the country that I love get destroyed by entitlement and apathy. The culture of entitlement has to end. The culture of apathy has to end. While I know I won’t be able to change this by myself, I will find others who feel the same and help them. Together we can ensure the country thrives.
I refuse to work with, take orders from or cover up for idiocy.

Here is where we start pushing back:

It is no longer acceptable for me to stand on the sidelines and say “somebody should fix that” The new response is I can fix that. If I do not have the time to fix everything, I will have to enlist help. Everything can be fixed, but only so long as I start taking action.
It is no longer acceptable for me to point out problems. If I can identify a problem, I sure as fuck can find a solution!
It is no longer acceptable settle for mediocrity when I can achieve excellence.

Every battle needs a plan of attack

I will find people to work with that can change the world.
If I am not qualified to solve a problem, I will get qualified.
I will complete what I commit to doing.
Most of all, I will strive for excellence! In Everything!

The line is drawn. On which side will you stand?

5 Responses to Call to Arms
  1. BirdyD
    April 4, 2010 | 8:32 pm

    Found you via Catherine's Bunny-Man Challenge. I agree with you, tho' for myself I need to state it a bit more quietly. But yes, the World changes with one decision, one person, one moment. And good for you for finding it & deciding upon it.

  2. Gareth
    April 5, 2010 | 8:05 am

    Thanks for the encouragement. I suspect I may need a lot of it in the coming months.

  3. kittychunk
    April 19, 2010 | 5:11 am

    Nice one Gareth. You're not the only one around here that's sick and tired of incompetence, I'm glad to see you're taking a positive attitude about fixing it.

  4. […] start with actual posting stats.  I started the site by writing A call to arms as a response to procedures overriding common sense.  This was the 28th March so 139 days ago. […]

  5. Boško Ivić
    March 2, 2016 | 9:39 am

    How do you use this blog to meet people??

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