The Dragon of Mediocrity

The first time you encounter the Dragon of Mediocrity it’s big and scary.  With razor sharp claws and breath that smells of previous adventurers, the Dragon beats the unprepared novice into submission pretty quickly.  However, this first defeat teaches you a lot and once you’ve licked your wounds, gathered some tools and reinflated the ego, you meet it again.  The same beast, but this time you’re better prepared, and while you may not be able to land the deadly thrust that will kill it and end the quest, you can sneak past it, normally by offering up some sort of bait, like a fellow adventurer.

At this point the Dragon of Mediocrity realises that brute force will not defeat the determined adventurer, and starts to rely on cunning and allies sometimes at the same time.  If you manage to make it past the yesbuts and the Hydra of Choice, you encounter the Dragon and a level of cunning persuasion that would make the used-car salesman of the year hand in his badge and beg to learn at the feet of the master.  Here is where all but the most ardent adventurers fail.  If you’re not careful, not only will you get swayed from the path to excellence, but you may even get turned by the dark side of mediocrity and sent to intercept those who follow you.  The trick to outwitting the Dragon here is to recruit allies and mentors.  Mentors who have been past this before, and allies that can provide you with tinfoil hats and earplugs.

The third evolution of the Dragon of Mediocrity is cute and cuddly.  You get here having dealt with the other beasts, conquered the hostile scenery and mastered all the tools at your disposal and lulled into a false sense of security, you let your guard down.  This is where the Dragon strikes.  He convinces you that your quest is over and that you have reached a point where you’ve tamed him.  He becomes loyal and before you know it, once again, you’ve become entrenched in maintaining the status quo and have given up the path to excellence.  The only way past here is to euthanise the manipulative bastard and leave the kennel.  This you have to do by yourself.  Even the others who have been through this can only give you words of encouragement and advice, but you have to take the step.

Your quest won’t end here and there will be other encounters with the Dragon, but along the way you’ll make friends, meet friendly creatures and master the tools that will enable you to detect, evade and counter anything the Dragon of Mediocrity can throw at you.

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The Hydra of Choice

One of the beasts you will often encounter is the Hydra of Choice.  As a result, it may be wise to learn a little more about it.  Now, before you roll your eyes and exclaim “but we already know everything about Hydra’s.  We read Hercules and you ave to cut off the head and burn the neck.”  Try this with the Hydra of Choice, and not only will you fail to pass the creature, but you are liable to lose your torch hand.

The Hydra of Choice looks like the traditional Hydra, although, no two heads look exactly alike.  To go with the visual differences, each head has it’s own attack, one may breathe fire while another may have a hypnotic gaze.  To top it all off, cutting off a head doesn’t always yield the result you want.  Removing one head may cause two to spring up in its place.  Removing another head could cause additional heads to wither and die or split into multiple heads.  Unfortunately, there’s no way to know until you act.

The Hydra of Choice can never truly be defeated.  The best an adventurer can hope for is to subdue it.  There are many ways of subduing the beast, but the common thread running through all of them is action.  Only by cutting off a head can the beast be forced back long enough to escape its clutches.

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The Synchronicity Gekkos

The cunning actioneer will keep an eye out for the Synchronicity Geckos.  These shy creatures are often the sign an actioneer needs to confirm that he is on a path.  Unfortunately, they don’t confirm whether you are on the correct path.

Actively searching for the geckos will be a fruitless task.  Their skill at hiding is unmatched in the lands of the Dragon.  However, as soon as you notice one, suddenly you will find that you are surrounded by them.

Mos actioneers will first encounter these timid lizards after a battle with the Hydra of Choice, provided they manage to avoid the Petrifying Gaze Of Decision Paralysis, the Hydra’s most potent attack.  The Geckos will often shadow an actioneer for a while after he has passed the Hydra, almost providing moral support.

However, once the Synchronicity Geckos disappear, the actioneer needs to check his armour and draw his sword as the next big encounter with the Hydra is probably around the next bend.

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The Procrastination Beast

The long-haired Procrastination Beast is a fairly common sight having been made a pet by many.  However, much like any wild animal, the Procrastination Beast can turn on its supposed masters with very little warning.

At first, the Procrastination beast is cute and lovable, offering hours of entertainment as you play with it.  After just a short time, the symbiotic relationship becomes a parasitic one, with the beast demanding more and more attention, and the master being unable to tear himself away.

Should the master of the “domesticated” Procrastination Beast stop paying the beast sufficient attention, it undergoes a transformation from a cute puppy-like plaything into a hairy slobbering monster, and the actioneer can quickly become engulfed by its enormous maw.  There are two ways to respond, submission or retaliation.

Submission quickly results in the beast returning to its playful manner, however, much valuable time will be lost.  Retaliate against the beast and you may be able to extricate yourself.  However, a wary eye is needed as the beast will follow its past owners, often for years for an attempt to finally engulf the actioneer.

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